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Why are Teenagers so frightening?

I feel like Teenagers are scary at every stage of life.

When your younger they are scary like they always just looked so angry and superior. When you are a teenager your scared cause they are your peers and are intimidating and your competition. When you get older you think it gets better but as a young adult I hate walking into a room of teenagers. I feel like they are all internally judging me and that I feel the need to try to be cool. Then when your an adult you have your own teenagers and God knows that’s the most frightening thing of all. Then comes the elderly stage and all teenagers are punks and thugs who are gonna either rob you or murder you. MORAL OF THE STORY. TEENAGERS ARE DANGEROUS CREATURES!

wanderlust-and-curly-locks: If you could give any bit of advice to 18 year olds ready to embark on the rest of their life, what would you say?


You’ll have no idea at 23 either, don’t even worry about it.